I Am Betting the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow


As blogging transforms from reporting to voicing opinions; each day brings with it a question, will the sun rise tomorrow?  It is so easy to get caught up in the rants of one side or the other, the hype of those who wish to inflame, the rhetoric of the celebrities who believe their opinions are supreme, or the journalists who push the agendas of the political parties they are affiliated with.   It makes you wonder if the earth’s rotation will continue.

This morning I watched as the rain fell, the quiet and calm seemed a wonderful start for what will undoubtedly be a stressful day as I prepared to return to work after a long holiday weekend.

As I sat down with my coffee to read the news I was reminded that the world is in such turmoil that it is a wonder the sun even had a chance to rise.  Crisis after crisis, condemnation after condemnation, threat after threat.  That is what the news seems like today.  I don’t think it has ever been much different, but today we are immersed in instantaneous judgment that can be overwhelming.

Here are some things to consider as you sort through your day.

  • Nike has a new advertising campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick.If you are into his brand of social commentary then buy their product, if not then don’t.  It seems pretty fucking simple to me. Count me in to not buy Nike.
  • The Texas Senate Race – let me know how it turns out, but what kind of name is BetoTexas used to be a totally Democratic state but party politics within the DNC has eliminated that.
  • Plastic and chemical contamination in the ocean has probably been at crisis level for some time, but since there is no real profit in cleaning it up it remains. The Paris Climate Agreement didn’t even talk about it.  Thankfully, California has banned plastic straws and the Pope has classified it as an emergency so that problem is solved.
  • Finally, why aren’t we demanding gender-neutral names for Cyclones?

I am betting the sun will come out tomorrow.

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