About Todd

A little bit about me….

I decided to move my blog over to a dedicated server rather then make posts on Facebook.  This said, I bring you toddbechtold.com!

I am  a mental health professional of 34 years.  I am married to a wonderful wife. We have one child (my stepson) and two cats.  If you know me, you get to hear lots of stories of  the crazy things my cats have done.

I am an avid camper.  We camp most weekends in the summer.  I enjoy camping, playing poker, talking about my cats, playing fantasy football and most anything to do with sports – other than watching golf.

If you get butthurt easy, this is probably not the place for you.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride on this rollercoaster of Toad!

The opinions expressed here are mine.  They do not reflect the opinions of my employer. 

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