End of Camping Season Blues – Version 3.0


Born to camp…. forced to work, ugh…. fucking reality!

I can’t believe it’s almost November! With this comes the end of the regular camping season, at least for me. We look forward to connecting again with friends this winter for a winter camping trip or two and a little New Year’s Eve snow angels. Also, we are looking forward to our Mexican adventure in February.  Mexico may never be the same.

Once again, we were able to get in one last hurrah with a long weekend of camping fun with an amazing group of friends. Remember, what happens at the campground stays at the campground.   We had a great Halloween party. The weekend was mostly sitting around the fire, chatting and having many adult beverages foggy jungle juice.  A long night of karaoke and doing the “monster mash”.  Overall, that’s what I call a successful camping trip and end of year party!

This year we connected with some old friends – Craig , Gail and girls, Craig and Shelli, Chris and Sam, Dave and Kristi, Rob and Karissa, Lee, Kristi and kids, Rick, Tracy and kids, Russ and Ladonna, Doreen,  Tim and Jill, Jerry and Pam and Marlin and Cheryl.   We met new friends – Jim and Holly, Joel, Janelle and Jason, Candice (aka Roundup) and Greg and Kris!

What I learned at the campground this year (will limit names to protect the innocent once again)!

  • Even when not camping season you can get stuck in a garbage can.
  • You don’t remember the New Year’s photo.
  • You can flip a 32 inch wide kayak when it fills with water.  Gee how did that plug get pulled?  Good thing we had a Baywatch lifeguard!
  • 80’s karaoke.
  • You can “got him” and “had him” on a floating bull.
  • You can get stuck in a floating bull and continue to want to ride it.
  • Said floating bull can have a “wobbling crotch”.
  • Watch out for those rough seas.  Hold on to that pole tight or you will be thrown overboard. Keep ringing that bell sir…
  • If you want to get rid of a member of the bitches…. play a little rap.
  • Want to piss people off.  Spray some round up !
  • Rules for guys over 50 – Don’t trust a fart, don’t waste an erection even if you’re alone and never pass a bathroom.
  • There is nothing wrong with taking a Taxi to the bar at 1230 AM to do more karaoke.
  • A new sport – pole kayaking.
  • On a serious note – ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET ON THE RIVER if kayaking.
  • One should not dance with their son.
  • Nothing beats fireworks at the Bechfvold camper.
  • Beach parties.
  • Devils Spit Bloody Marys .
  • Dog Whisperer!
  • Mexico planning  can be done in one night.
  • Barkley, god-damn it!
  • Holes may get the best of two people in a night.  Man down!  Man down!
  • As we plan our Mexican trip we know not to drink the water. However, the WATER at MBRV can make you walk sideways!
  • Watch out when some one “shaves” your yard!
  • Toilet lids just appear on your trees.
  • Jeff, do you want to go for a ride?  “Ummm, no that’s ok.”
  • Do you want to go shopping?  “FUCK NO!”
  • Thank God,  we are now all 50 +.  Welcome to the club dickhead!
  • Remember the 5 D’s of fly guns -Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.
  • 500 Watts and Disco lights… nothing more needs to be said.
  • Great fellowship and meals!  One thing is for sure, there are many good cooks at the campground.
  • Campground Karaoke keeps getting better. Depending on who you ask 😉 .
  • Campfire or Bonfire?  You be the judge!
  • Halloween scavenger hunt.  Did team Blue cheat?  Hell no!  We overcame, we adapted!  We conquered!
  • Signing of an old high school photo (Pin the junk on the hunk).  Well played Sir!

I leave all my Northside friends with the following:


We camp always to be with our family and friends
Can’t wait to get there, hate it when it ends

We always know where our campsite will be
We drive to Meridian Bridge by the best scenery

When tired of driving, we get to our spot
With some conniving, we have a great lot

A site by the water with so much to do
watching all the campers in boats, kayaks and canoes

Kayaking, singing and drinking is best
Camping after working, we need the rest

By a campfire drinking, stories to tell
A lease I’m signing, no better hotel

Haven’t been camping? What the hell?
Outdoors, no pampering, rain, wind, sun, snow or hail

Fresh air, wildlife, walking a well traveled path
Long nights of karaoke and shaking our ass

We love our friends the Northside Bitches
We laugh till we hurt and split our britches!

Until next year my friends
Our fun never ends


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