Hey Hollywood, Shut the Fuck Up!


Albert Einstein defined insanity by trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Under those conditions, Hollywood celebrities are insane for thinking they can still stop Donald Trump.


Dear Hollywood actors and other famous entertainers,

Shut the fuck up!!!

I know that we all see your movies, see you in concert and praise your egotistical asses to the moon and back. But, just stop preaching your political views like it’s the absolute goddamned truth, it’s not and no one fucking cares (or no one should fucking care) about what pet political view you picked up this week. You are NOT an activist, you ARE an entertainer. With all the award nominations, positive critical reception, your fans and the stupid fucking “news coverage” on your life, did you forget that you’re just a glorified court jester?

I see story after story about these fucking jokers in Hollywood and their “oh so important” views. I hate it. I have never in my life cared about something in politics because a fucking celebrity said I should. Any view I have is because of what I think, and not because an overpaid bozo decided that politics is their new hobby.  If I had air time and I went on and talked about Anarchy, I would be shut down pretty fucking quickly.

Why should we learn about politics from a group of people that fucking defend Roman Polanski?!  The whole “Roman Polanski” thing is the main reason I hate you Hollywood fuckers. The man drugged and raped a child, he went to court but fled the country before he could be sentenced. He still got to make movies and when he caught all you fucktards said “He’s a genius, don’t punish him” and “He served his time”. Okay he fled the country meaning he avoided his jail time, meaning he didn’t fucking serve his time.

You people are unbelievable. You’re so fucking preachy and most of your movies are shit.  If you don’t like it – move the fuck out.  Otherwise, shut the fuck up and entertain us!

/s/  Those that Give No Fucks on Your Views



  1. I could not love an article more than I do this one.
    Now that Hollywood is coming after other actors who dare to be conservative, and/or Christian, it seems it’s time that we turn this cancel culture around, and cancel those who flaunt their extreme socialist atheist asses.
    They want lists? Well now it’s time to gather lists of them, just stop supporting their work.
    I stopped caring a long time ago, but now here we are in 2021, and they’re attacking some very decent people.
    Something needs to turn the tables.


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