We Are the Phins Fans!


As Miami Dolphins fans, we are acutely aware of the negativity that originates from a sports network in the backyard of our rivals. Having listened to enough critics, we will not condone the vicious words of hateful anonymous commentors. Every reader has a voice on the internet, and those voices have evolved until only the meanest or most outlandish get attention amid the over-saturation.

Ryan Tannehill may never be great, but the Miami quarterback is a true survivor in an age gone completely fanatical. Without an ounce of his talent, haters incessantly disparage his ability until he has become a hero in the hearts of many true Miami Dolphins fans. Hate is easy. A hater never has to face the fear of losing, like a batter that never comes to the plate will always bat one thousand… Hiding behind hateful words is easier than facing the consequences of losing.

People or teams learn how to win by facing and overcoming the pain of losing. Only two reactions come from losing, learn how to get better and win, or quit. Adam Gase felt several accomplished players were a little too comfortable with losing and those players are no longer with the Miami Dolphins. With so much distraction and unrelenting expectations, it is more difficult than ever to be a loyal fan.

Attention spans compressed into instant gratification, fantasy teams rewarding individual accomplishments and promoting fan disloyalty, all fight against a simple word – Team.

The overused term, “there is no I in team” is a little ludicrous when fantasy is all about “I” and instant gratification starts with the same letter. The quarterback is easily the most important position on the football field, but Tom Brady is not famous for his physical prowess. It’s his ability to demand complete cohesion and unrelenting commitment to team goals that marks his greatness.

Tom Brady lost a lot before he won. He sat on the bench behind Drew Hensen his senior year at Michigan and wasn’t drafted until the 6th round.

Belichick was fired by Cleveland!

Digressing into Brady and Belichick comparisons in a blog is certain to bring out the haters who will miss the point. This season will be the moment Ryan Tannehill is mentioned in the same sentence with Tom Brady. The reason is simple, Tannehill has lost but did not quit, instead he has grown and learned.

Adam Gase removed the players more interested in individual accomplishments at the expense of team goals. Money cannot motivate, there is never enough. When team goals become secondary to money, it is time to part ways. Landry wanted more than his position demanded. Suh was grossly overpaid for his impact. Pouncey could no longer perform up to the value he placed on his own services.

In the NFL, there are always teams willing to pay players on the open market. Landry may never repeat his accomplishments in Miami, but he got his payday. Suh is a mercenary who made his fortune in Miami. Pouncey will be the sad story we read about ten years from now when he can no longer walk. The point is, winning and team goals must come before personal goals in the game of football.

Tannehill has had many opportunities to use losing as a reason to quit and instead has used it as a reason to learn. Ruthless anonymous commentors who can only find pleasure in knocking down others are the definition of a loser. Claiming to be a fan only to antagonize the players who have worked their entire life to reach their dreams, that is the definition of a loser.

Winners will stay with it, even when times are the toughest. The shout is here for those fans, the faithful, and the true diehards who enter every season hopeful that the turning point has arrived.

Antagonizers, and bad mouthed losers  fuckers are unwelcome here, please spew your shit elsewhere.

Here, we give Ryan Tannehill one more shot. We give Adam Gase the years he needs to get it right. When the team decides their time has come, we’ll wish them good luck on the way out. Sports, like most things in life runs in cycles, and soon, our time will come again.

While we can never follow our team with blind faith, we will constructively criticize. We will handle losing with dignity and winning with grace. We will stand behind our team through thick and thin, even when it hurts.

We are Miami Dolphins fans.

Respect the Phin!

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