Week Ten, Fantasy Football Thoughts


Old Toad has never been as excited to get behind the wheel of the  Family Truckster as I am this week.

Let’s hit the fantasy open road and leave behind what I’ll only describe as a tumultuous week (I am being kind).

I can’t figure out what Hue Jackson was thinking by pulling Cody Kessler in favor of Josh McCown. The kid wasn’t playing all that bad and the McCown move pretty much sank the ship in short order. Those are the moves that help a team get to 0-10.

I sure hope that folks took my advice from last week and benched Mike Wallace after I listed him as a starting option in the Week 10  You didn’t? Did you think Toad was kidding? The man truly confounds me on a weekly basis and is henceforth banned from being mentioned in future articles. Wallace is the rest of the world’s problem now.

I’m struggling to find much more to say about another miserable Thursday Night Football game.  Other than to say I hate TNF!

Oh wait…Individual Defensive Players (IDP) owners that have LB Jamie Collins can rest easy as he’s going to be just fine in Cleveland. Collins’ teammate and fellow LB Christian Kirksey will be a weekly start from here on out as well.

After looking good in his first game back from injury, Jay Cutler has returned to his familiar turnover machine role. That one game ride was fun while it lasted. Not really. Time for the Bears to move on.

Apparently, Blair Walsh was upset that the Minnesota Vikings brought in kickers last week to work out. So upset he goes out and misses another extra point. For those of you counting at home that would be the fourth Walsh has missed this season.  I wouldn’t be in a hurry to re-up your lease Blair. There could be a zip code change in your immediate future.

That New York Jets versus Los Angeles Rams game certainly lived up to it’s billing (or lack thereof). The NFL should have paid folks to have to sit through that debacle.

A least Kenny Britt owners had a little to cheer about…(crickets)…

Hey, give me a little credit for at least trying to find something nice to write about the game.

This just in from the “I’m the smartest guy in the room desk”. I decided to start Eli Manning this week to double down on touchdown points as I also have Odell Beckham Jr. on that team.

Who did I start Manning over you may ask? Well, that would be Marcus Mariota. Ugh!!

At least this article will go up before the Giants play on Monday night so I can hold on to a bit of dignity. Eli could maybe…nah. It was a bad, bad decision.

Speaking of bad things. How awful did the Green Bay Packers defense look? They made the Titans look like the second coming of “The Greatest Show on Turf.”

I was a little disappointed that DeMarco Murray didn’t kick an extra point as he scored in just about every way possible. What a bounce-back year it has been for Murray.

Yes. I realize that the Houston Texans won this week and sit atop the AFC South. I also realize that Brock Osweiler is not a good QB and finished the game with only 99 passing yards. : Now you know why Osweiler took the money.

Osweiler has turned the once ‘QB proof’ DeAndre Hopkins into a fantasy after thought. I did not believe that was possible.

My heart goes out to the New Orleans Saints and their fans. To line up for the go ahead extra point only to have it blocked and returned for the two points that wins the game. That’s simply a brutal way to lose a game.

How about the Detroit Lions. I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to mention this interesting little piece of information. After 11 weeks, the Lions are now the division leaders of the NFC North. Everyone  needs to run out and buy some lottery tickets.

So after playing a total of 16 snaps in the previous two games, Ryan Mathews has 21 touches this week finishing with 139 yards, two scores and a two-point conversion.

Yep. Saw that one coming. Sometimes you just have to smile and shake your head. Or at least just shake your head if Mathews was on your bench.

It’s not often that I prattle on about team defenses, but the Kansas City Chiefs have been putting up very nice big play totals. They rode them to victory again this week with a big interception return for a TD from Eric Berry and a late forced fumble by Marcus Peters. Keep in mind that pass rusher extraordinaire Justin Houston is on the verge of returning to this unit.

Please hurry back Tevin Coleman. The Falcons offense and many fantasy owners need you.

While he continues to turn the ball over at an alarming rate, at least Blake Bortles has begun hooking up with Allen Robinson once again. For the third straight week, Robinson has seen double-digit targets and he’s scored in each of the last two games.

Both are good plays next week as the Jaguars head to Detroit. Better hurry up and get those lottery tickets.

The Broncos should be a bit concerned about allowing six sacks to the Saints this week. New Orleans had a total of 11 in eight games. They should also be worried about their running game as Devontae Booker does not have the look of a lead back.

Ah, that punch in the gut feeling when Damien Williams vultures a short score from Jay Ajayi and then for good measure also scores a receiving TD. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

Wow! The late afternoon games this week were amazing!

They more than made up for what can only be described as a ‘meh’ early group of games.

The Le’Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott matchup was more than fantasy owners could have hoped for. Let’s be honest. Much more so for Elliott owners. The kid is awesome.

Dak Prescott is now developing a rapport with Dez Bryant. That’s just more bad news for Tony Romo. I can hear ‘Quint’ from Jaws singing, “Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies…”

The Cardinals may have beat the 49ers but Carson Palmer failed to impress in a juicy matchup once again. We like the pair of scores that David Johnson put up as well as the triple-digit yardage from Larry Fitzgerald but this team should have rolled over a weak 49ers defense.

While they didn’t match the gaudy numbers that Elliott and Bell put up, Melvin Gordon as well as Jay Ajayi had decent days in a spirited battle between Miami and San Diego.

Happily, the Chargers found yet another way to lose in the fourth quarter with Kiko Alonso returning an interception for a score with just over a minute left.

Keep riding San Diego WR Tyrell Williams as this youngster is a special talent. Not next week as he will be on a bye week.

It’s only fitting that the Sunday night game would be an exciting affair after the late afternoon games set the table.

Welcome to big time fantasy relevance C.J. Prosise. Look for the rookie to be a big part of the offense for Seattle even after Thomas Rawls returns to the lineup.

Are we seeing the beginning of another huge late season surge for Doug Baldwin? I’m not ruling it out now that Russell Wilson is healthy and making plays outside of the pocket once again.

He may not be flashy or overly explosive but LeGarrette Blount will continue to be a fantasy force as the goal line option for the Patriots.

We may see these two teams play again this year…I’m just saying.

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