Week Two, Fantasy Football Thoughts


Another exciting weekend of NFL action is in the books so let’s head on down to the Toad’s pond for some quick takes on what I found interesting.

I must say that I didn’t see the Bills and Jets game as a fantasy bonanza after their week one performances. That was a fun game to watch which is rare for Thursday night games. Did I ever mention – I hate TNF!

I’m guessing it was a little less fun to watch if you happen to be playing against a fantasy team with Matt Forte (wish I had started him) this week.

It now appears that “Revis Island” has become a destination resort for wide receivers. That move to free safety can’t be far off.

Speaking of things that can’t be far off…start packing your bags Rex Ryan. I’d say it was fun while it lasted but I believe Bills’ fans would disagree. On the bright side, at least you and your brother Rob can carpool out of town.  It’s the defense that sucks, Rex. Firing Greg Roman is not the answer.

That was a great Jim Plunkett impersonation by Tyrod Taylor Thursday night. Yes. Old Toad just dropped a Jim Plunkett reference…I am that old. I’m just surprised that my memory is that good.

Are Sammy Watkins owners getting nervous yet? It’s early but it may be time for Sammy to go on another “Throw me the damn ball” rant. Hey, it worked wonders last year.

In his last 18 games, Eric Decker has 15 touchdown receptions. Nice.

Sorry to get all stats crazy as we try to keep it loose in the Family Truckster.

Sigh…another Gronk-less weekend. Hurry back big fella.

I’m officially nervous regarding Detroit Lions LB DeAndre Levy and the number of injuries he’s racking up. Missed this week’s game with a quad injury and with the hip injury history it feels like he’s breaking down. Regretting stocking up on him in my IDP leagues.

On a side note…try not to be a ‘homer’ when drafting LBs…ugh.

It’s hard to not root for Josh McCown as the guy just keeps plugging along taking big hits and producing surprisingly good numbers at times. Great to see him return form the shoulder injury.

I’m guessing Corey Coleman is a pretty big McCown fan these days. Very nice game for the rookie. Not a bad day at the office for Isaiah Crowell either.  The Browns still managed to lose the game of course.

Welcome to IDP relevance DE Devin Taylor of the Detroit Lions. We’ve been impatiently waiting for you. Now let’s just hope that the injury to Ziggy Ansah isn’t a long term thing.

Let’s go ahead and welcome DE Dante Fowler of the Jacksonville Jaguars as well. Nice game kid.

Wow. Did not see a defensive struggle coming out of the Saints and Giants game after they combined for 101 points last season.  What a huge disappointment from a fantasy standpoint. Last season, Drew Brees and Eli Manning combined for 13 TD passes and managed just one between them today.

Just another reason we pull our hair out over this crazy thing called fantasy football.

Let’s stay in the land of disappointment for a moment. In the Steelers/Bengals game Antonio Brown and A.J. Green combined for six receptions for 77 yards. Which means their combined fantasy points were less than the total TE Xavier Grimble put up in the same game.  Browns’ 4 catches for 39 yards was his lowest production with Ben Roethlisberger at QB since 12/30/12. Let’s hope that it’s now out of his system.

From the “I can’t believe what I just saw desk.” The Lions turned a first and goal from the one-yard line into a first and goal from the 31-yard line due to penalties (with two TDs called back). Then settled for a 42-yard field goal.

Wait. It’s the Detroit Lions, so I actually can believe it. I can also believe they lost the game as well…sigh.

Anyone that is just recently becoming concerned with Kirk Cousins‘ play at QB for Washington hasn’t watched Cousins play enough. This is what you get. Bad decisions and costly mistakes.  He is what the Redskins think he is…which is why there was no long-term extension worked out with him.

So Arian Foster left the game with a groin injury? In other news…water is wet. Let’s go ahead and file the news of Jonathan Stewart‘s hamstring injury under that same news story. Worst case scenario for the Patriots would be an injury to Jimmy Garoppolo. Uh-oh. Keep an eye on RB Isaiah Pead should Foster have to miss any time. He very much impressed the Dolphins coaching staff during the preseason. Pead is still working his way back from a hamstring injury suffered during the preseason.

Let the Jacoby Brissett era begin in New England. Anyone have Drew Bledsoe’s number? This is a great place to circle back with another Jim Plunkett reference. Plunkett was drafted first overall by the Patriots back in 1971. Although, he did experience most of his NFL success with the Oakland Raiders.

Touchdown Jesse James! I have been waiting for the chance to write Jesse James this season. Yes. I am that immature.

Blake Bortles is looking way too much like the 2014 version of Blake Bortles early in the season for my liking. May want to hold off on printing those playoff tickets a lot of folks were predicting for the Jaguars.

That’s the DeAndre Hopkins fantasy owners know and love. How about the start to the season that Will Fuller is putting up? Very impressive.

Speaking of rookie WRs Sterling Shepard is looking like something special as well.

The Marcus Peters interception tour continues in his sophomore campaign. The young CB has 10 picks in his first 18 regular season games. There I go getting all stats crazy again.

This just in, again! Always start your TE against the Lions. You are welcome.

How happy is Cam Newton to have Kelvin Benjamin back in the fold? Very happy I’d say as the two hook up for a pair of TDs. Newton is now the all-time passing touchdowns leader for the Carolina Panthers.  He broke Jake Delhomme’s record of 120 while playing in 11 less games.  Not bad for a ‘running QB.’

Another week and another big game for DeAngelo Williams. Ho-hum.  The man has found the fountain of youth.

It’s nice to see Dez Bryant look like Dez Bryant once again. Just keep throwing the ball to him Dak Prescott and everything will be fine. This will help calm the Dez owners as we transition into the Dak Prescott era.  Keep rushing for those TDs Dak and everything will be more than fine.  How embarrassing would it be for the Dallas brass if Alfred Morris winds up being the most effective RB they have this season?

Over 100 receiving yards for both DeVante Parker and Jarvis Landry. Not bad Mr. Tannehill.  Not enough for a Miami win , imagine that – but fantasy owners will take it for sure.

A little closer for comfort than New England fans expected I bet.

All is well in the IDP world as J.J. Watt notches 1 ½ sacks. The first of many for a man that some folks didn’t even think would be playing yet.

So the Panthers and 49ers combine to score 73 points. Yep. Saw that coming.

It was nice to see Fozzy Whitaker hit triple-digits in rushing yards. Actually, it’s just fun to get to type Fozzy Whitaker. So thank you Fozzy Whitaker…I can’t stop myself.

The San Diego Chargers can’t catch a break. They lose Keenan Allen last week and now Danny Woodhead is carted off with a knee injury.  We are talking ‘The Brady Bunch’ in Hawaii tiki idol bad luck for the ‘Bolts.’   On the plus side, Travis Benjamin has stepped up big time in place of the injured Allen.

Remember when everyone was sky high on Coby Fleener after he signed with the Saints? Those were good times. He’s done nothing through two weeks. Time to move on.

Reports of Christine Michael’s demise in Seattle may have been greatly exaggerated (by yours truly for sure) as Thomas Rawls never looked right this week and might not be healthy most of the season.  That late game fumble doesn’t help Michael’s cause though. I wonder if Seattle will wind up regretting the release of RB Troymaine Pope? Pope is a guy to keep an eye on in case Forte goes down.

After completing getting embarrassed by the 49ers on Monday night the Rams beat the Seattle Seahawks.  I’d say I didn’t see that coming, but actually the Rams defense has dominated Seattle over the past three games so it wasn’t really a surprise.

A lot of injuries this week especially to RBs.

Here’s a quick ‘off the top of my head’ as to some waiver wire players to target this week. Dwayne Washington (RB/DET), Cameron Artis-Payne (RB/CAR), Jacquizz Rodgers (RB/TB), Matt Assiata (RB/MIN) and Tyrell Williams (WR/SD).

It was widely assumed the Arizona Cardinals would be an angry team at home this week after losing to the Patriots. Those assumptions were correct and the Buccaneers took the brunt of that anger. There will be better days ahead for Jameis Winston and company.  On a side note. How freaking good is Larry Fitzgerald? The ageless wonder just continues to roll. You go L-Fitz!

The day is nearly over so let’s take it home with some Sunday Night Football observations.

Sam Bradford seems pretty comfortable as the new starting QB for the Vikings and has a nice rapport with Stefon Diggs. A very nice rapport.  Diggs was a beast on DraftKings with 36.2 points (9/182/1 on 11 targets) with only 5.4% ownership. Not sure owners were expecting that big of night when they put Diggs into their lineups.

I hate to say this, but Adrian Peterson may be approaching the “Michael Turner cilff” sooner than I had anticipated and what looked to be a severe ankle/knee injury may have accelerated the decline.  Long before John Brown‘s concussion, I offered the AP owner in one of my expert leagues John Brown/Will Fuller for Peterson. He ridiculed that offer. Sometimes the best moves are the ones you don’t make.

It’s going to be tough to run the ball on the Viking defense as that D-line is a brick wall.

The Packers offense is still out of sync. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson have some kinks to work out.  It’s taking all the will power that I can muster to not just cut Davante Adams in one of my dynasty leagues.

A tip of the cap to Minnesota CB Trae Waynes who turned a long night of miscues into a bit of redemption with that late interception.

Let’s close things out with a look at the stats for my breakout TE of the year Jared Cook. He finished with four receptions for 31 yards. Wait, he also had a fumble recovery…sigh. : In the ‘misery loves company’ department…Isn’t a young QB supposed to use his TE a lot? Virgil Green caught all 3 of his targets for 46 yards.

That’s it until next week folks.

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