Another E-mail Scandal

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Drip, drip, drip. That’s the sound of Wikileaks slowly but surely releasing the emails they hacked into. The DNC leaks are far from over.

There is evidence to show that Russia is supporting Wikileaks, from funding them to granting asylum to key actors. Wikileaks might be functioning like a government contractor – Russia hires them, they do their hacker thing, Russia benefits by getting the U.S. to elect Trump instead of Clinton.

Putin is trying to orchestrate a Trump victory in November. Trump has praised Putin in the past, and Putin knows what it’s like to go up against Hillary. He is betting that Trump will be easier for him to deal with – I don’t know if that’s a good bet, but that’s a topic for another day.

Wikileaks – with clear Russian influence – is timing the release of the emails to impact the U.S. presidential election. We don’t know what will come next. All we know is that they’ve got emails, they’ve got strategy, and they’re controlling our news cycle – and public discourse on this issue – like a marionette.
The current leaks show that the DNC was in the tank for Clinton. They operated unfairly and opaquely to make Hillary the nominee and to deny Sanders a fighting chance. Their staffers were rude to each other and discriminatory towards others – using “taco bowls” as a term for Hispanics, and “good gays” as, well, I don’t know what they meant there.

The first scandal is that Russia is the one hacking them and timing their release to the public. Inside that, you have another scandal – the contents of the emails. It’s the Russian nesting doll of scandals.

So where do I stand here?

It’s hard to believe that Putin could be the good guy. Mainly because Putin is so clearly not a good guy. He’s not acting in America’s best interest – but is it in our best interest to know the truth about what goes on inside political parties? I think so, yes.

Wikileaks is telling the truth, for the wrong reason. But their reasoning behind it doesn’t change that those emails are real and they expose the DNC for what it is – a shady organization that cares more about itself than its constituents.

These leaks are important. The DNC in Philadelphia has generally ignored them up until now. As more leaks come out, they will be forced – by Putin’s hand – to confront uncomfortable truths that used to be hidden.

Let’s sit back and watch the upcoming shitshow!

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