Dubie vs Blunt for Senate


Seems like every election year, we get a few “rogue” candidates – like Vermin Supreme (who wears a boot on his head and carries a giant toothbrush) and Jimmy McMillan (“The rent is too damn high!”)

This year is no different, and oh, does the Missouri Senate race have a gem. His name is Chief Wana Dubie. Born as Joseph Bickell, the 56 year old candidate is running as an Independent. He has a history of political activism, including a failed bid for MO House of Representatives in 2006.

Prior to that, Dubie was a marijuana activist. He hatched a plan in the 1990s to:

  • Secede from the United States of America
  • Grow marijuana in his front yard
  • Profit???

But, since you can’t declare secession he was still very much in America, and then very much imprisoned for 5 years. Prison is where he got that nifty lil weed leaf forehead tattoo.

Dubie has been married twice, and when asked how many children he has, responded, “some.” He believes in legalizing marijuana (who would have guessed?) and that marriage licenses should be subject to periodic renewal, like driver’s licenses.

He recently responded to a candidate questionnaire saying, “I am a people not a puppet.” So there you have it – he is a people. He’s selling t-shirts to fund his campaign, but will not take donations. He is on disability and food stamps.

Dubie is likely to be defeated in the election by the incumbent Republican Missouri Senator Roy Blunt.

It’s Dubie vs. Blunt in 2016!


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