New Year’s Resolutions… Ain’t Got Time for That

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It’s New Year’s Resolution time again.


For some reason that escapes me, people feel compelled to “improve” themselves by resolving to do something (or to stop doing something) in order to conform with other people’s ideas of a better lifestyle.

This is the time when “they” (whoever the fuck they are) start tormenting us to loose weight, or give up smoking or give up drinking or to exercise more or to in some way torture ourselves into doing something we don’t particularly want to do.  But if we don’t want to do it, then why should we?  Why is there this compulsion to change our lifestyle to something we are obviously not comfortable with?

What brings this little brainfart on, you ask?

Well, I happened to notice an article this morning –  Sick of making New Year’s Resolutions? Let Paul O’Connell refocus you.

A couple of things struck me about that headline.  The first is that if you are sick of making New Year’s Resolutions then don’t fucking make them.  It really is that simple.  If you don’t want to do it then why on God’s earth should you?  Are you that lacking in self-confidence that you allow others to order you about and tell you how you should be living your life?

The second thing is that I haven’t a fucking clue who Paul O’Connell is.  I gather he is a rugby player or something but I had never heard of him, so why the fuck should I take any advice from him?  I’d be as well off taking advice from a stranger at a bus stop or worse my nephew Wyatt!

On Friday, people are going to make all sorts of resolutions.  They are going to give up the evil substance du jour and suffer for a few days or weeks before lapsing back into their old habits.  So now they not only have that habit (that others have told them is evil) but they now have a sense of failure on top of it.  If they really in their heart of hearts believe the habit is so bad then why didn’t they address it before?  If they feel they want to improve their lives then why haven’t they already changed?

It baffles me how people are so easily conned into doing something they really are not comfortable with.  If the idea of joining a gym appalls you then don’t fucking join one.  If you enjoy your smoke or your drink of choice then why on earth should you give up on someone else’s say so?  If you are happy slobbing it out on the couch then just carry on.  It’s your life, not theirs.

I made a resolution back in the eighties (or maybe the early nineties).  I’m happy to say that I stuck to that resolution and have never broken it.  My feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment is immense.  It has made me a better person.

I resolved to give up making resolutions.


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