NFL Color Rush Uniforms MUST GO!


Watching NFL games on Thursdays is difficult enough. The quality of play ranks nowhere near what games on Sundays and Monday nights are. (Full Disclosure: If you read my Fantasy Football Blog’s you know I am not a fan of TNF!) 

You try going through a series of collisions three days earlier and see if you are all healed up and ready to be your best. Not happening. For all the NFL expresses public concern for player safety, playing on Thursdays should be banned.

It won’t, because money talks and most of the Owners are money greedy pricks!

Most of us who are NFL diehards watch on Thursdays anyway. We just can’t get enough, I guess. You do get a chance to see some shitty teams you normally don’t, so……

However, what the NFL has started to do on Thursdays is enough to stop watching. If not, you might go blind.

In its never-ending marketing attempt to sell more jerseys, the NFL has gone to all-solid colors for select Thursday games. The Color Rush promotion started with the Buffalo Bills wearing all red (thought blue was their primary color) and the New York Jets all green.

Those who are color blind couldn’t tell the teams apart. Nice thinking, NFL.

It continued with the Jacksonville Jaguars in all gold and Tennessee Titans wearing all light blue. The Dallas Cowboys (white) and Carolina Panthers (powder blue) did the same in their Thanksgiving game before the final Color Rush game yesterday when Tampa Bay (red) faced St. Louis (yellow gold). AKA the Condiment Game – Somebody please pass me the fucking pickles!

It’s probably not a good idea to get behind the wheel after watching these games.  They tend to blur your vision for three-plus hours. That is without any adult beverages!  Getting to sleep isn’t too easy, either.

If you don’t like it, 2016 won’t bring you any relief. Evidently, the NFL is going to have all TNF games in these Color Rush uniforms.

When Oregon started this multi-uniform look courtesy of Nike, it was kind of cool and felt like it belonged on the college level. Of course, some of the crazy combinations have gone way over the edge. Illinois in gray? Please.

The NFL found a nice niche with its throwback uniforms. Those honored players from the league’s early years that made the NFL what it has become. Those old-timers no longer with us would cringe at this new trend.

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