If Obama Was Your Oncologist


I received this article in an email from a friend. I can’t take credit for this article but it is just to good to not pass on. I wish I knew who the author was to give them credit. 

Imagine it’s 2009, you’ve just been diagnosed with Stage I Cancer, and steered to a “New Age Oncologist” who’s all the buzz in certain medical circles. The word is, even from a major rival in his field, that he’s “articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy.” You’re hooked when that same fellow gushes further about this fast rising “mainstream African-American” by concluding “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

So you schedule a consultation with Dr. Barack Obama. The visit is dominated by the doctor’s dizzying whirlwind of artful, optimistic chatter. He’s going to “fundamentally transform” the way the disease is being treated. This was going to be the time, under his hand, that rise of this malady would begin to slow and, not just you, but whole world would begin to heal! You left not knowing how Obama was going to manage such a miracle but, swept away by his cult of personality, confident he could deliver.

Ignored was critical advice from some very knowledgeable people. Gone from the decision making process was any serious look into Doc Obama’s specific experience and credentialing. Based on his transcripts, what kind of student was he? What works or studies did he author and have published? Did Barack serve a serious, challenging residency or was he just pushed along?

Initially things seemed to be getting better, but in early 2014 a decided uneasiness is setting in. You’re feeling worse and Barack’s holistic remedies appear primarily rhetorically based. He speaks in platitudes sprinkled with increasingly less reassuring generalities centered on some utopian vision of “hope and change”.   Gone are the days when Dr. Obama dismissively spoke of your affliction as the “junior varsity” strain of this particular illness.

The sicker you feel the more he focuses on conditions completely unrelated to any traditionally proven cures for your Cancer. Barack even forbids the use of that word, insisting on terms such as “man caused disaster”. The latter mentioned phraseology fits right in with his bizarre, untested treatment protocol, fixated on stopping humans from overheating the Earth.

Growing less well and more fearful every day, you desperately reach out for other, more traditional doctors. Ironically, on the same day as your appointment with Mr. Obama, you learn some irrefutable, terrifying facts. Within hours of his strong assurance “we have contained” the disease, a scan shows your malignancy has spread. Within hours, in great pain you’re rushed to the hospital.

In a subsequent conversation with Obama he refers to the hospitalization as a “setback”. You dial back your anger enough to ask him about a specific approach to attacking the diseased tissues. “Is it true you refused to kill off any of the cancerous cells if there was so much as one healthy cell around them?” Barack, easily, breezily replied in the affirmative and blabbers on. He sounds disconnected from his patient’s reality; delusional.

Your anger turns to fury, but directed at who? Originally caught up in emotion, it was you who bought into the hype. Now Stage I Cancer has developed into Stage II. Tumors have grown more deeply into surrounding tissue and may be spreading towards the lymph nodes. Stage III beckons.

Had you simply researched and fully analyzed the definition of New Age, things could have been very different. After all who wants an oncologist utilizing methods “characterized by alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in…..mysticism, holism, and environmentalism.”?

Why that’s as crazy as having a “New Age Commander in Chief” fighting a “War on Terror” by battling say….Global Warming. Stage IV anyone? Given the carnage in California, that would appear to be the updated, “common sense” diagnosis.

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