Why the 2015 Miami Dolphins are Going to the Super Bowl!


So I am sitting out at the lake watching the Iowa vs. Iowa State game.  It got me thinking football!

Okay, I understand why you think the Title borders on Looney Toons.  But, here is my take on the AFC East, the AFC & the NFL.

Preface: Of course, like every year, we must stay relatively healthy.  I expect the new receiving corps to be superior to last year’s model.   I expect Tannehill to be even better this year.   I believe our short yardage rushing attack will be improved.   And, if Miami can run the ball, the play-action (Tannehill’s strength) will be unstoppable.   Miami will win at least 10 games.  I expect 11-5 to be our regular season record.

Number one:

The AFC East is now the premier Defensive Division in the NFL.  It could be argued that all four teams are Top 10 caliber and, it will not surprise me one bit if 3 of them are Top 5 at the end of the 2015 season.  When Baltimore and Pittsburg were top 5 defenses (for about a 10 to 12 year stretch), they both won Super Bowls.  Great Defenses beget solid playoff contenders.  Just look at Seattle the last few years.  …Now the Lions are the exception to this rule, but that is another story.

Number two:

The AFC has 7 teams to worry about to get to the AFC Championship.  Denver, New England, Indianapolis, Chargers, Kansas City and Buffalo; four of which pose little threat to the Miami Dolphins making it to AFC Championship game.     Those are Buffalo – No consistent play by QB.  Kansas City – OL troubles, Secondary issues, WRs rank 3rd or 4th in their division (could change if Maclin and Smith get rolling), and Chargers – Miami always plays well against the Chargers (don’t ask me why).

Which means, there are 2 of the 3 Teams remaining that could keep Miami out of the AFC Championship Game.  Frankly, I believe this is the year Miami overtakes New England.  Nobody is going to run on Miami this year, and if Miami makes teams one-dimensional, they win 8 of 10 times.  Denver is supposed to be good, but this is the year that the OL get’s Manning to retire.  He is just not quick enough anymore (running or releasing).   My gut tells me they won’t even make it to the playoffs.  Which leaves Indy…  I believe the AFC Championship game will be the Colts vs. the Phins, with Miami’s Defense being the difference.

The Dolphins are going to the Super Bowl to play the Green Bay Packers.  And, of course Miami will win its 50th season’s most prized trophy against the team for which it was named and memorialized, Vince Lombardi (head coach of the GB Packers).  I can see it as plain as day.  Miami wins the Super Bowl.

Number three:

Why not us?  We have the right attitude, the right players, the right coaches.  We are a Super Bowl contender.  Do not doubt this!

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