Stop Hoarding the Asswipe and Other Essential Items!


Okay herd mentality panic hoarders assholes. We get it. You like a clean bung hole. You’ve also created artificial shortages for no fucking reason other than to wipe your ass for the next five fucking years.

The last damn thing that we will run out of are necessities like water, electricity, consumer packaged goods items such as asswipe. We are all in this together and the entire populous isn’t pooping way  more than the next day. Think about your neighbors and friends.  Quit hoarding supplies you can not use in the next five fucking years!

The Great TP Famine is from irrational thinking, panic and herd mentality. I have faith that many of you can use the logic side of your brain and see that buying endless amounts of asswipe is fucking stupid and god-damned selfish. Sure, stock up slightly more than usual. But three hundred fucking rolls of asswipe  is unnecessary and fucking moronic.

For those that have been doing this, you should be ashamed.  Those who plan to load up their car to the brim on their next run should be ashamed too.

We got this America. Be kind, rational and think of others. Be a kind neighbor!

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