WTF? Esports? Get Your Ass off the Couch!


Go ahead, call me a negative skeptic. Age has it’s privileges and for one who has lived through the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s –oh heck, all the way to the present I feel I have the right to laugh at what I think is fucking ridiculous .  I also got my ass off the couch in high school and played “real sports”.  Football, basketball, wrestling, track and field and baseball to name a few.

In reading an article in the Quad-City Times today I choked on my first cup of java. There’s a high school near the Iowa-Illinois line named Orion that has a competitive high school team in a league called Esports.

As I understand it, the school  has a competitive team. It, the team, is composed of players who compete with other high schools to win action games on the computer. Seriously, it’s the rage.

Better yet, I read in the QC Times that St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa also has a team.   They are  recruiting and offering scholarships to bring in kids to fill out their squad. Don’t believe me?  Go to Google and type in ‘esports’.  The article goes on to state that within ten years this ‘sport’ will  be the rage in all Division I schools.

Naturally, being the asshole that I am, I’m having visions of these teams sitting in front of computers  for hours on end with the body frames of Fatty Arbuckle (look him up).  As for their cheerleaders—–I don’t even want to go there.

“Esports, Esports, sis, boom, bah! All in favor of big butts rah, rah, rah”


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