Can You Hear That? It is Your Bullshit Alarm!


Get out your bullshit detectors.

This is a day like no other in the Trump presidency, in part because Donald himself has ratcheted up his line of bullshit in the wake of the FBI raid on his long-time attorney, Michael Cohen.

For starters, he declared that the FBI “broke into” Cohen’s law office. (Also, his home and a hotel room, for the record).

They did not. Trump uses incendiary language like that to sully the reputation of the FBI and its agents.

In fact, what they did is appear at those places to execute judicially approved search warrants.

Second, he claimed that most of the decision makers in that search were Democrats, with a couple of Republicans.

Bull fucking shit!

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, the crafty head of the Russian probe, is in fact a Republican.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the probe, is a Republican.

Former FBI chief James Comey – who, by the way, is about to be big news again because of his tell-all book – is a Republican.

Current FBI Chief Christopher Wray is a Republican.

The U.S. Attorney in New York, who Trump appointed, actually contributed to the Trump campaign.

Some cabal, huh?

Notwithstanding the actual facts, Trump unleashed once of his scurrilous and phony attacks, thusly:

Democrats all — or just about all either Democrats or a couple of Republicans that worked for President Obama, they’re not looking at the other side; they’re not looking at the Hillary Clinton — the horrible things that she did and all of the crimes that were committed. They’re not looking at all of the things that happened that everybody is very angry about, I can tell you, from the Republican side, and I think even the independent side. They only keep looking at us.”

He finished up by calling the whole thing a “disgrace.”

In a sense, he’s right – it’s a disgrace that Trump surrounded himself with some questionable characters.

And it’s a disgrace that his lawyer, Cohen, paid porn star, Stormy Daniels, $130,000 to keep quiet about an alleged fling between Stormy and Trump.

Not to overstate the case, writer Rick Wilson puts a fine point on this day in a piece on The Daily Beast.

Here’s what he wrote:

Trump must know this may be one of the most dangerous moments in his entire life, not just his presidency.

“The likelihood is that Mueller and the FBI are now in possession of the Black Books of Trump, NDAs from enough of Trump’s various affairs that you can staff a 12-pole strip club with plenty of girls left for the Champagne rooms.

“It’s only speculation at this point, but it’s quite likely that Cohen was the keeper of many of Trump’s lending documents, contracts, business arrangements, and the Kryptonite of Trump’s fragile self-worth: the long-sought tax returns.”

You hear that sound?

It’s your bullshit detector going off.

If I can fire up the brain again this week I will discuss Attorney Client Privilege or lack there of.

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