The End of Camping Season Blues – Version 2.0


I can’t believe it’s almost November! With this comes the end of camping season, at least for me. We are hoping to connect again with friends this winter for a winter camping trip or two.

Once again, we were able to get in one last hurrah with a long weekend of camping fun with an amazing group of friends. Remember, what happens at the campground stays at the campground.   We had a great Halloween party. The weekend was mostly sitting around the fire, chatting and having many adult beverages foggy jungle juice. Overall, that’s what I call a successful camping trip!

This year we connected with some old friends – Craig , Gail and girls, Craig and Shelli, Chris and Sam, Dave and Kristi, Rob and Karissa, Jeremy and Chelsie,  Lee, Kristi and kids, Rick, Tracy and kids and Russ and Ladonna.  We met new friends – Tim and Jill, Jerry and Pam and Lonnie and Susie.  At the Halloween party we met Bob and Betty!

What I learned at the campground this year (will limit names to protect the innocent lol):

  • The Northside Bitches are where many new campers request to be vs.  being a South Side Sheep Shanker baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
  • You are not at a campfire unless you are 3 pallets high.
  • Doing a hip-hop dance on that top pallet may get you scolded.
  • You may dance on top of a barrel next to the campfire.
  • You also can play rodeo clown in that same barrel.
  • Once again, over use of Crown Apple can retire you to the camper for a good day plus hangover.
  • You can ride in your first party bus with your parents.
  • Old headbangers  never die…. ROCK ON HAIRBALL!
  • It can be awkward to play the naughty version of Cards Against Humanity with your parent(s).
  •  Watch out for naked friends in the doorway – it wasn’t me!
  • You have heard of biker babes.  Meridian Bridge has its own Kayak cuties (I hear a calendar is pending).
  • You can get pulled over with 38ish people in a pickup and two riding shotgun with the Kayaks in the back of the truck.
  • You can get a way with a verbal warning for no driver’s license or carry permit (because it was in your purse at the camper).  Where is that bang bang?
  • Red lights, blue lights and blue cans.
  • Nothing beats a good cup of mouse coffee in the morning. Well, maybe some “heater vent” heat with that coffee could top it!
  • Moon over Meridian !
  • We need to learn the difference between Iowa and Nebraska plates at 1 in the morning.  We apologize now to that Iowa van.
  • I am pretty sure the hosts loved seeing us at 12:03 AM, occasionally.
  • Penguin happy clap dances!
  • Adult piñatas.
  • Broom Hilda.
  • Be careful who you visit in Halloween costumes they will talk about you all week.
  • Taking a ride in Halloween costumes can mask who you are when those parked at the bridge are giving hummers.  “Candy or die!”
  • Sticking to blue cans is a good suggestion.  Bottles are the devil!
  • “What do you want to take camping?” Umm let me think on that and get back to you.
  • Broom over who? – We have a few Northsider’s that need to get in the zone.
  • Put your name on your cooler or you may have to wrestle to get it back.
  • “She fucking left me!”  ” ______ I’m fucking home!”
  • Good night John Boy!
  • There are so many memories…. I know I am missing numerous “oh shit” moments.  Feel free to add some in the comments section!

Dear Northside,

 The sun is setting earlier, the nights are getting cooler, and our summer camping has come to an end. The yearly Halloween party culminated in the traditional karaoke earlier this week, and the last few days have been a blur of packing, cleaning up, finishing projects and preparing to close the books on the summer of 2017.

 The last days of camp can be emotional; after all, we have lived, played, learned, laughed and grown together for summer months. The bonds of friendship forged at the campground are uniquely strong, and although campers are excited to go home, it’s sad to say goodbye, even when we know we’ll see each other again.

 The magical thing about camping, though, is that it’s more than a place where we spend the summer. It’s a community to which campers belong all year round. And just as camping friends stay in touch throughout the winter months (watch the group texts and Asshole Fridays), the lessons of camping follow each Northside Bitch home and become part of who we are.

That’s because camping isn’t just about making friends and learning new skills. It’s about learning, growing, relaxing and having fun.

 As we do every year, we want to thank you — for the gift of camping you give to us, for the fun you have with us, and for being a part of the Northside family. We treasure the opportunity to make more memories next summer.

Todd and Dawn

Ps. Red lights, blue lights and blue cans.


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