Obama’s Final Fuck You to the Military


Remember Bradley Manning? She’s the traitorous little fuck who leaked 700,000 battlefield reports and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.

Any Intel Analyst knows that if the enemy receives classified material that reveals collection methods, sources, and operational details, it can and will harm the troops and damage national security. During his prison stint, he decided she wanted to be female, and now calls herself “Chelsea”.

Well, Obama just let her out of Leavenworth.

From Fox News:

Obama commuted the vast majority of former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning’s 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified documents, the White House announced Tuesday.

The White House said that Manning is one of 209 inmates whose sentences Obama is shortening. Obama is also pardoning 64 people, including retired Gen. James Cartwright, who was charged with making false statements during a probe into disclosure of classified information.

Manning is more than six years into a 35-year sentence at the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for leaking classified government and military documents to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. Her sentence is now set to expire May 17.

Manning was known as Bradley Manning at the time of her 2010 arrest, but revealed after being convicted of espionage that she identifies as a woman.

Manning accepted responsibility for leaking the material to WikiLeaks to raise public awareness about the effects of war on civilians, and has said she was confronting gender dysphoria at the time of the leaks while deployed in Iraq.

She attempted suicide twice last year, according to her lawyers, citing her treatment at Leavenworth.

Manning didn’t leak classified documents for any noble purpose, she did it because she’s a fucking problem child who was ‘disgusted’ with her commanders and U.S. ”society at large”.

Her act of treason compromised Intel sources and exposed information that damaged U.S. security. After she leaked the battlefield information, the Taliban went on a killing spree. She also endangered the very Afghans with whom she claimed to sympathize.

Again, from Fox News:
……sources described to Fox News the vast extent of the potential damage done by Manning’s document leak.
“Ambassadors were forced to resign, [CIA] station chiefs had to be recalled, secret diplomatic cables were revealed,” said one official, recalling some of the fallout.
Fox News also has learned Manning leaked 700,000 documents, not the 250,000 cited by officials on Tuesday. Defense officials told Fox News that Manning’s actions accelerated the Arab Spring and might even have contributed to the rise of ISIS.

Two intelligence sources also confirmed that after certain Afghanistan reports were released in 2010, the Taliban “went on a killing spree,” taking out everyone who seemed to fit the description of individuals working with the U.S.

If the report said “someone with short dark hair was helping the U.S., the Taliban took out everyone with short dark hair. It was indiscriminate,” one source said.

Both emphasized it’s unclear whether U.S. intelligence assets were harmed — but said there is no question people died after the leaks at the hands of the Taliban, and this made recruiting sources that much harder in the future.

One of the items she leaked was a video of a U.S. Apache helicopter attack that killed a Reuters news photographer and his driver, which sent leftwingnuts into Grand Mal seizures. Manning forgot to mention (or show) that the Army unit was engaged in combat at the time, and taking fire from an armed enemy. One was carrying a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Another was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle. Incidentally, those two Reuters photographers were embedded with the terrorists. Play stupid games – win big prizes.

Some of the information she leaked ended up in Osama Bin Laden’s possession. Manning couldn’t have aided Bin Laden any more if she had walked up to the and handed over the fucking documents in person.

Commuting the sentence of traitor Bradley Manning is typical of Obama’s vile malfeasance. What does anyone expect from an asshole who traded five of the worst GITMO terrorists for a deserter.

Manning is no principled “whistle blower”. She’s an egotistical attention whore, who took it upon herself to selectively divulge classified information—that can and certainly did benefit our enemies.

This cockholster violated her security clearance, her oath of service, and the trust placed in her by her country and the United States Army. In a perfect world, she’d be taken out and shot for treason.

The way Obama looks at it; leaking information that damages national security and endangers Soldiers on the battlefield, is okay. Leaking information that affects the careers of corrupt Democrats like Hillary Clinton et al , not so much.

The only small consolation is that his sorry ass will be gone tomorrow. He’s done enough damage to this country.

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