Week Fourteen, Fantasy Football Thoughts


This week is the “fuck it’s cold and snowy.” edition….

At least I’m not alone as quite a few of this week’s games are being played in some ‘wintry conditions’. Toad loves watching football games being played in snow storms. From my couch, of course…in between trips outside to snowblow.

The Thursday Night Football  game had a lot riding on it for one of the few times I can remember so at least we had that going for us.  It appears that the NFL has heard the cries of my pure hatred for TNF and will either do away with Thursday Night games completely in 2018 or limit them to after Thanksgiving. Either way, it should make the product on the field a lot better and me much happier.

The game flashed some early potential as the Chiefs made some big plays then remembered it was a Thursday game and went flat.

There was only a decent second quarter and then a lot of punts.

I take that back as wide receiver Tyreek Hill continued to shine and made up for that muffed punt with a pair of scores. I just missed grabbing him off the waiver wire weeks ago and am still kicking myself over it.

If you started Latavius Murray and Travis Kelce (which everyone should have) then it was a good night.

If you started Derek Carr or any Oakland wide receiver…not so much. Ouch.

It was rough to see Kansas City linebacker Derrick Johnson go down for the season with another ruptured Achilles (he tore his right Achilles in 2014) as the veteran has been an IDP stud for years. This is likely the end for Johnson.

Another week and another strip-sack for Khalil Mack. Ho-hum.

That Melvin Gordon hip injury did not look good (I know…few injuries do). A lot of teams were knocked out of the fantasy playoffs on that play. Yes, I am  raising my hand as one such owner.

I suppose we can band together with Julio Jones (inactive/toe) owners and form some kind of support group.

That poor Chargers offense has been playing the season under a “Pig Pen” type of cloud of dirt with the injuries they’ve absorbed. The early reports are that the Gordon injury may not be too significant but we’ll have to wait for an MRI early in the week to determine the extent.

It appears Kenneth Farrow is the running back to target as Gordon’s replacement although Ronnie Hillman may see some touches as well.

On the flip side, Le’Veon Bell owners are looking forward to next week’s games after his huge outing.  Bell’s monster Week 14 makes my offer of pick 1.01 for Bell look pretty silly. It was rejected.

It’s too little, too late for the Bengals but how happy are those owners that were waiting for Tyler Eifert to return? Very happy I’m guessing.

Please, please, do not let there be another ‘deflate gate’ situation with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This has been a bad enough year without another clown car story like that to muddy the waters.

It’s time to give up on those hopes that Devontae Booker is going to be a #1 RB for either NFL or fantasy purposes. He missed a pickup in protection that resulted in a sack and simply doesn’t look good running the ball.

Speaking of running the ball. The Tennessee Titans put up 138 rushing yards against the Broncos in the FIRST HALF.

The three-headed monster of DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota give defenses a lot to deal with behind a solid offensive line.

It will be fun to see what they can do next week on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs.

From the “I can’t believe what I’m seeing” desk. We had a DeAndre Levy sighting for the Detroit Lions defense. I can only imagine that this is what it feels like to glimpse Bigfoot.

It was ugly, but as  long suffering Lions fans know –  they will take a three-point win against an undermanned Chicago Bears team.

I will also tip my cap to Matt Barkley as the youngster looks a lot better than I thought he would. The Bears were without Alshon Jeffery, Eddie Royal, Zach Miller and Marquess Wilson heading to Detroit. That’s what I like to call “Bringing a knife to a gun fight.” and Barkley nearly pulled out a win.

After hauling in a touchdown pass earlier in the quarter, Carlos Hyde runs the ball 47-yards to the four-yard line. You know what happens next folks. Shaun Draughn takes the ball four yards for a score.

Come on, San Francisco. At least keep fantasy owners happy. Sheesh!

That being said. We will take the numbers that Hyde put up all day long.

Congratulations to the Miami Dolphins on pulling out a win after blowing a substantial lead against the Cardinals. Condolences to the Miami Dolphins on the loss of quarterback Ryan Tannehill who was having one of his better games.

There is no way Matt Moore can get my team to the playoffs. The Jay Ajayi gravy train is over folks. Defenses will stack the box even more now against Miami with Tannehill out. On the plus side, the Dolphins play the New York Jets next week and that defense is flat out mailing it in.

The Philadelphia Eagles may be in a free fall but tight end Zach Ertz has been a nice fantasy producer of late and belongs in lineups next week against the Ravens.

What a wasted season it has been for DeAndre Hopkins and Allen Robinson. Yes. I  had both wide receivers ranked in the top-10 prior to Week 1.

A lot of fantasy owners have had a year long struggle to overcome their lack of production.

Yes. I am raising my hand.

It appears that the who to start between Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman question has reared it’s ugly head again. That’s exactly what we don’t need during the fantasy playoffs. Sigh.

Speaking of the fantasy playoffs. I would like to take a moment and thank (or curse) Russell Wilson for ending many of my team’s fantasy seasons.

Doug Baldwin didn’t do Wilson owners any favors either with his brick hands today either.

If I’m a Green Bay Packers’ fan I am concerned with Aaron Rodgers health moving forward with that balky hamstring.

As Detroit Lions fans smile inwardly and thank the NFL powers that be.

The NFC is officially the Dallas Cowboys to lose as there is little competition on their way to the Super Bowl.  (This was obviously written before the end of the Sunday Night game.)

This just in. Do not start any Los Angeles Rams players for fantasy purposes for the rest of the season. In other news…water is wet.

I regret to inform folks that I am going to have to end this week’s thoughts  early due to inclement weather. It’s time for me to crawl in bed and stay warm.  I am heading to bed before having the chance to break down Dallas vs. New York.

I vow to return with a full edition of the article next week but Mother Nature wins Week 14 as did the first place Detroit Lions .

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