Good Thing We have the MSM to Keep Us Informed


They saved America from that horrific, dastardly, evil-doer: Melania Trump…Queen of the Plagiarists!

Long live the MSM!!

For those not familiar with the MSM: Main Stream Media…ABC, NBC, CBS, all the Cable News Channels (including FOX), almost all the Print Media Sources – and lets not forget all of the Social Media Hosts.

That said, it is sad they didn’t make nearly as big a deal of the plagiaristic tendencies of current President Barack Obama; nor current Vice President Joe Biden; nor current First Lady Michelle Obama; nor possible President Hillary Clinton, etc.

Check here, and here, and here

Melania’s speech obviously had a few lines from a previous Michelle Obama speech. It was stupid. It was unnecessary. And her speechwriter should be fired…Other than that, who cares? Is it really the biggest event of the day/hour/minute/second?

Turkey is in the middle of a dictator creating counter-coup. Syria and Iraq are still on fire. Cops are being killed in the streets. China and Russia are imposing their way on their ‘near abroad.’ Our economy sucks (unless you are a millionaire/billionaire.) Etc., etc., etc…But at least the MSM did its job, attacking Melania Trump.

Question: Any chance the MSM can give Hillary even close to the roughing up they are giving Melania? Maybe they can look into that disaster as SecState thing; or that Syrian civil war causing thing; or that Ukrainian encouraging of inciting Russia thing; or that tearing apart Libya thing; or that Russian reset thing; or that Benghazi thing; or that email server in the toilet thing; or that Clinton Foundation thing…Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Please! give me a break with the feigned indignation!!!

Always remember, the MSM is a propaganda tool of the Democrat Party. They do not want Republicans to win. They are not looking out for the best interest of Conservatives. They are not public ‘watch dogs’…They are PROPAGANDAMEISTERS – Joseph Goebbels wannabes.

They are the same morons who spent weeks going on and on about Mitt Romney putting his dog in a cage on top of his car. The same clowns who do whatever it takes to protect their Democrat pals, and crush their Republican foes…KEEP THIS IN MIND EVERY TIME YOU WATCH THE MSM.

Your best move would be to quit them all together…The news you wouldn’t be getting would be more honest and meaningful than the garbage they put out.

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