Why Do I Keep Voting for Republicans?


It’s simple. I don’t vote for people who have no chance to win elections – which is why I don’t vote for any of third party candidates. If I’m going to do that I’ll just stop voting all together. So, I only have two choices: Vote for Republicans or vote for Democrats.

Also, I don’t bother with ‘individuals,’ because I am a political realist and realize individuals in our government are nothing but puppets of their specific party power-base…So, I only vote for Republicans. Honestly, not always but I don’t remember the last time I voted for a Democrat.

But why do I vote for Republicans? I know they suck. I know they are stupid. I know they are liars who make promises they have no intention of keeping…So why? Why on earth do I continue to vote for Republicans? (Click link below)

Democratic Idiots

That’s why!

I vote for Republicans, because the Democrat Party is run by nuts and demagogues like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Lewis, Dick Durbin, etc., etc., etc. (etc. to the moon and back!)…Which is worse than the stupid, lying Republicans – not that Democrats aren’t stupid liars as well.

In Oregon Occupants were arrested and killed,  in the House they were paid (by you and me) …  let that sink in!

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