More Proof – Obama Gives No Fucks


obama che guevara

I guess he needed to go to a place where people will be happy to see him.

Frankly, there aren’t too many of those places left in the U.S.: his job approval is 45% in the RCP average of polls.  A whopping 63% believe that the country is on the wrong track.  Only 38% approve of how he is handling foreign policy. That said….

We need to talk about the weird photos of President Obama in Cuba. First up, this one: The President of the United States, and the Secretary of State, standing in front of a giant Che Guevara mural.

President Obama has an advance team that is supposed to scope out his itinerary and make sure things like this don’t happen. HOW did they miss this? Everybody recognizes Che Guevara’s face, thanks to those dumb hipster t-shirts. And if you paid attention in school, or have ever googled “Che,” you know he was a violent terrorist, a murderer, and a racist. This stuff is not a secret. So – there is no fucking excuse to have the President of the United States stand in front of that mural.  Let’s look at this shit again:

obama che guevara

Then, Obama sat down with Raul Castro and two very shiny flags. The Cuban government seems to have hosted this event in a leftover set from Jurassic World. Cuba faces food shortages all the time, but at least there is no shortage of decorative ferns.

castro ferns

And then there was…whatever the fuck this is.

obama weird wrist

What we learn from this image is: President Obama is probably capable of dunking on Raul Castro. I want to see it happen – that’s at least one way POTUS could redeem himself on this trip.

For a trip that is kind of one giant photo op, you’d think they’d be better at arranging the optics along the way.  Thank God we only have a few more months of Obama!

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