Hillary’s False Victory – The True Colors Come Out!

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So far, things are working out exactly as I hoped in the Democrat presidential nomination race. Long story short: the ultra-left wing of the left-wing Democratic Party is waking up to the fact that Hillary Clinton is a vicious, crooked phony, who will do anything to win – fair or foul. Welcome to the club, lefties. That’s step one in waking up to the political corruption that is destroying our country. Meanwhile, assuming Hillary continues to muscle her way into the nomination and escapes indictment, the odds are that embittered Sanders supporters will stay home in November.


With her characteristic arrogance, Hillary last night claimed victory while the returns from Iowa were still coming in, and the race was 50-50. But she will come out ahead in delegate count. First of all, the super-delegates are in the bag, and second of all, she had some remarkable, statistically improbable (1 in 64) luck with the coin tosses that decided 6 precincts in her favor, 6 out of 6.

Best of all from my perspective was the apparent fraud captured on the C-SPAN cameras in a Polk County caucus. The Examiner summarizes:

The video shows Clinton caucus chair Drew Gentsch and precinct captain Liz Buck allegedly not conducting an “actual count of Clinton supporters and deliberately mislead caucus.” The location in question was prescient #43 in Des Moines, IA, as the caucus event was held at Roosevelt High School, as the video was broadcasted live on C-SPAN2.

The final delegate count finished with Clinton receiving five and Sanders pulling in four. Multiple rounds of voting took place, as the head count changed from round to round, which raised questions from those in attendance. On Reddit, the incident was explained in further detail.

“It was assumed by the chair, Drew Gentsch, that the voter difference was due to a few people that left the building before the second round began. The question is whether there were really 456 total people present for the second round of voting. That was not clear, as Clinton’s team did not perform a recount of ALL of the Hillary supporters during the second round of voting.”

The account of the incident also states that Buck “lied about whether she recounted all of the Clinton supporters during the second count.” In further detail, the report notes, “It’s all on tape. The Sanders supports were unsuccessful at getting a recount conducted, even though several of them protested vigorously.”

Now that defending Bill Clinton from those awful Republican prudes in impeachment is no longer a factor (and Bill is known to visit Orgy Island with his sex criminal pal), blinders are falling away from the eyes of some Democrats when it comes to the Clinton Machine.

Make no mistake: the fix is in for Hillary. Even if Sanders continues to do well, the Democrats have the ability to rig the convention to nominate Hillary.

The best of all possible outcomes would be a third-party run by Sanders, but by the time he wakes up, it may be too late to qualify for the election in key states. So I have got my fingers crossed that he and his supporters wake up after it is too late and become embittered, staying home in November.

Let the games begin….


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