Week Fourteen, Fantasy Football Thoughts


Let’s say a hearty thank you to fantasy football for giving us any reason to care about games such as Detroit at St. Louis and San Francisco at Cleveland.

Thank you Isaiah Crowell and Todd Gurley for renewing our faith in meaningless games and for producing meaningless stats as you were probably on a lot benches given your recent struggles.

‘Ole Toad is going to try and keep the focus on players who can help teams bring home the hardware as we head down the stretch.

Of course, I have been known for being distracted by offers for half-off ‘hot wings.’ Or any pictures on the internet that involve pets wearing hats.

Buyer beware is what I am saying here.

Let’s hope the thigh bruise that David Johnson played through at the end of the Thursday night game isn’t too serious. The kid could lead teams to fantasy championships the way he has been performing.

Although he looked a little shaky at times, you can tell Carson Palmer loves the way Arizona attacks defenses vertically. Palmer owners are licking their chops as he faces Philadelphia’s porous secondary in Week 15.

Why did the Minnesota Vikings sign Mike Wallace? The man has been downright invisible this season.

Let me save some owners from having to ask this question moving forward through their playoffs. Yes, John Brown can safely be started in all formats. You are welcome.

For all the Dynasty Individual Defensive Player (IDP) owners out there, keep Lorenzo Maudlin on your radars. His stats are not eye-popping but his development in the New York Jets defense has been steady and he has a bright future as a pass-rushing outside linebacker.

It’s time to ride the Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin train to fantasy championships. I mentioned it last week and will do so again. Seattle is coming on and putting up some nice fantasy numbers. Unless you started Thomas Rawls this week, which backfired as the injury bug jumped up.

The same goes for Andy Dalton owners. Let me interject a little NFL insight here. With Dalton out for multiple weeks, Cincinnati is done.  On the plus side, there will be a one-year respite on questions regarding Dalton’s play in the postseason.

I really thought New Orleans would give C.J. Spiller a look this week.  I was very wrong. Go figure.

Please excuse me while I pull out my hair for all the leagues I am in that Ted Ginn Jr. helped to eliminate my teams.  He is the perfect example of “Even a blind chicken pecks corn.”

So Marcus Mariota caught a touchdown pass this week. Yep. That makes sense.

Unless Andrew Luck is ready to play next week, we can say goodbye to Indianapolis as playoff contenders. Father time has caught up with Matt Hasselbeck. He always does.

Stick that fork in the San Diego skill position players. That team is toast.

We will keep riding Ryan Fitzpatrick next week at Dallas. Fitzpatrick has a solid running game and the duo of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker will abuse a struggling Dallas defense.

Welcome back to fantasy relevance, Denard Robinson. No. I am kidding here. Do not trust Robinson to have another big week.

So, Eddie Lacy is officially out of the doghouse and leading the Green Bay ground game. Go ahead and roll with Lacy next week at Oakland. In another example about how talent is all that matters in the NFL, both Lacy and Alonzo Harris missed curfew the night before the Detroit game. Harris gets cut and Lacy gets another chance. However, I will caution any owners relying on the Green Bay offense in general to carry their fantasy teams. Yes. That includes Aaron Rodgers owners.

So Oakland’s Seth Roberts  has three touchdowns in the last three games. I take my hat off to the fantasy owners that rode that gravy train. You have very big cajones, my friends.  Yes. Toad is bilingual. HA!

Injuries will always be a concern regarding Vontaze Burfictbut when he plays, he flat out puts up fantasy numbers. Individual Defensive Player owners need to keep trotting him out on a weekly basis. Be sure to check Cincinnati’s practice report each week.

It may make fantasy owners feel a little bit nervous, but it’s a lock to play Blake Bortles down the stretch. Bortles has the weapons and an easy schedule to take teams to fantasy championships.

What has a been a miserable year for Dallas has gotten worse as Matt Cassel has been unable to consistently get the ball to Dez Bryant.  On the plus side, all the Robert Turbin owners are very happy.  Wait. I almost forgot. There are no Robert Turbin owners. My bad. Carry on.

Why in the world would Oakland go for two points when the extra point would be a four-point lead? Oh, yeah … because they are Oakland. This is why coach Jack Del Rio is a great defensive coordinator and a horrible head coach.

Demaryius Thomas has started to remind me a little bit too much of Ted Ginn Jr. In case it’s a mystery to folks, they both drop way too many passes. Apparently, Brock Osweiler throws a much harder ball then Peyton Manning.

With the injury to Andy Dalton and the fact that Denver has no running game, the AFC goes through New England once again.

Oakland’s Khalil Mack is flat out balling for Individual Defensive Player purposes. Start him every week down the stretch and collect that championship.   You’re welcome.

The man appears to be put together with duct tape and hope, but if Rob Gronkowski plays, you start him. Period.


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