Week Eight, Fantasy Football Thoughts


Ladies and gentleman I give you Week 8.

It was only a matter of time until the quarterback position had a fantasy explosion after giving way to the wide receivers and running backs in recent weeks.

There were five different quarterbacks that threw for at least four touchdowns and 11 who scored at least twice.

Here are the things that stood out to ‘ole Toad this week…

Don’t look now but we had a Joique Bell sighting across the pond. Bell actually ran hard and busted off a couple of runs that were longer than 10 yards. Hey, I am trying to find something nice to write about Detroit and it isn’t easy.

Sad to see Cameron Wake go down with a season ending Achilles injury. He had been playing lights out the last three weeks leading the Dolphins resurgent defense.

How fun is Dion Lewis to watch with the ball in his hands? He continues to make defenders swing and miss at an Adam Dunn – like rate. Yes. ‘ole Toad does watch other sports.

That 47-yard touchdown catch and run by Rob Gronkowski must be a defensive backs’ worst nightmare. Who wants to get in front of that train when it gets rolling? Tom Brady is now 9-0 in games played on Thursdays. His record on Sundays isn’t too bad either. Have I mentioned that I hate TNF?

It boggles the mind, but it looks like the Detroit Lions offense has never seen a blitz before. The Jim Bob Cooter era is off to quite a start, eh? Somewhere Joe Lombardi is laughing his butt off. Alex Smith looked like Colin Kaepernick against a floundering Detroit defense. Well. Colin Kaepernick when he actually used to run the ball. Not the train wreck that Kaepernick is now. After watching the defense struggle (I am being kind) badly again, there may be some tweaks to the defensive coaching staff during the bye week for the Lions. I believe the official term is ‘moving chairs around on the Titanic.’  Actually, it should be head coach Jim Caldwell that fears termination. It’s that bad in Detroit

Watching the Green Bay Packers against a strong defense like Denver, it becomes very obvious how much they miss the field stretching Jordy Nelson.

After a couple of weeks of pounding the ball into the end zone on the ground, the Saints put the ball back into the hands of Drew Brees and his receiving corps. Brees had an all-time great fantasy day and it was fitting the Saints pulled it out. Eli Manning certainly answered the game that Brees put up.

Watching Brees and Manning go touchdown-for-touchdown with each other was the football equivalent of the George Foreman vs. Ron Lyle fight back in 1976. Look it up on YouTube if you have never seen it. Trust me, you’ll love it. To my wife Dawn, you are welcome for the Eli tip, to bad you did not play him.

It was nice to see Odell Beckham Jr. hit pay dirt a few times too. His owners can breathe that sigh of relief now.

That Le’Veon Bell injury did not look good. Hopefully, Bell owners held on to DeAngelo Williams.

Let’s hope, Matt Forte’s injury doesn’t turn out to be a severe one.  Hopefully, Forte owners already have Jeremy Langford on their teams.

Josh McCown to Brian Hartline for a couple of scores. Yep, we all saw that one coming.

Hang on for a few minutes while I look up this J.J. Nelson wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals. Go check out the one handed catch Nelson made. I’ll wait. Looks like Carson Palmer may just have found another offensive toy to play with.

Once again, from the “What else is new” department, Gary Barnidge scores a touchdown.

Who would’ve figured that in the Tampa Bay versus Atlanta game it would be Matt Ryan turning the ball over repeatedly? His fantasy owners, that’s who, “Matty Ice” has been anything but recently.

Remember a few weeks ago, when witty pundits (myself NOT included) were calling Jameis Winston the Ryan Leaf to Marcus Mariota’s Peyton Manning? How’s that comparison looking now folks?

Hats off to the Buccaneers rookie LB Kwon Alexander who had a very big game. He did so while mourning the loss of his brother. Well-done, sir.

I am not going to lie. I expected a lot more scoring in that Pittsburgh/Cincinnati  game…Yawn.

Was that a “Bad Andy” sighting we saw today? That end zone pick was awful.

Speaking of awful. That was not the return to action that Ben Roethlisberger owners were hoping for. That was also not a healthy Ben Roethlisberger playing today. I am just saying.

Ho, hum…another week and another 125-plus yards rushing for Todd Gurley. That’s four games in a row for those of you counting at home.  The kid is very, very special.

It was fun to see Jay Cutler do his best Alex Smith impersonation with that four-yard touchdown run.

J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus had themselves a “Let’s meet up at the quarterback” type of day. The duo combined for six sacks against the Titans.

Let’s all remember to start our team defenses against the Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans shall we?

Poor Philip Rivers. He tosses another three touchdowns and the Chargers lose again. By the way, what was with the Danny Woodhead disappearing act this week for the Chargers?

At least the Baltimore Ravens finally win a close game. It’s been heartbreak city for them so far in 2015 and they have now lost Steve Smith (Achilles) for the season.

It may be time for Ozzie Newsome to call Terrell Owens. Yes, I am serious.

Let’s put something into perspective really quick here. Drew Brees threw as many touchdowns today as Peyton Manning has for the season heading into his Sunday night date with Green Bay.

I was pretty confident after the game he put up Thursday night, that Tom Brady would be the highest scoring quarterback this week. To quote Kramer from Seinfeld when he believed Elaine could run the J. Peterman catalogue…”I was way off!” Ah, the ‘Urban Sombrero.’

Wow. I really underestimated just how well Derek Carr is playing.

I love the fact he is getting Andre Holmes involved in the offense more. Holmes has always been an intriguing player to me fantasy-wise.

That Ryan Fitzpatrick injury doomed the Jets.

Geno Smith versus Charles Woodson is simply no match. Nice pick by the future Hall of Famer.

That was a pitiful attempt by the Jets secondary on Michael Crabtree’s touchdown.

I have seen Junior Varsity teams show better efforts. I’m just saying.

They don’t pass it well very often, but when they do pass the ball, the St. Louis Rams prefer passing it to Tavon Austin.

Hey, Seattle. Remember the read-option play for Russell Wilson?  His fantasy owners do and the offense was a lot more potent with that play.

Let’s take this edition home with the fact that Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning faced each other and neither quarterback threw a touchdown.

Wait…let’s finish with this.

Rodgers didn’t even throw for 80 yards.


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