Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye – – -Philbin!!!!



Joe Philbin never looked the part of an NFL Head Coach and never looked like he was comfortable in the role when he was in front of the camera or on the sideline. Always looked out of place and as I said when they hired him on Day 1; he looks more like the organization’s accountant and not the head coach.

Philbin never showed any fire, never showed any emotion, which is a style but not a style that you can continue to keep when you underachieve year after year after year. At some point you have to try a different tact to see if you can get a better result and for Joe that never happened.

Where did Joe Philbin go wrong, well the question is where to start I guess. If Philbin had his way Mike Sherman would still be the offensive coordinator for the Dolphins in 2015. Philbin’s loyalty to Kevin Coyle after last season was his eventual downfall. I mean as a head coach you are given one of the elite defensive players in the game today in Suh and the defense gets worse than it was the year before and the year before it was utter garbage. It’s a sign your defensive coordinator is clueless and you as the head coach are more clueless because you keep sticking by this guy.

The other nail in the coffin is the inability to fix the offensive line. Training camp isn’t that long and Philbin and his staff were always moving guys here or there, trying them out on the right side, trying them out on the left side. I mean for fucks sake training camp is only about a month long or so, you don’t have weeks on end to tinker like that. Jamil Douglas has only played the left side of the offensive in his college career, so why waste the first 3 weeks of training camp where he is working on the left side only to put him on the right side and then give the kid only about 10-13 days to figure it out and when the games start for real he is your starter on the right side? Either put him on the right side of the o-line from Day 1 or don’t put him there at all. You can’t throw him to the wolves like that and expect a good result.

Another example, last year Branden Albert goes down to injury, instead of putting Jason Fox to LT and keeping James at RT, they move James to LT and put Fox at RT. Since that move JuWuan James has regressed and has turned into a shitty offensive linemen on both sides. Before that he was growing into an above average RT. Not to mention this year, Albert still injured instead of going back to last years plan he does the move that he should have done last year in keeping James at RT and putting Fox at LT. Philbin couldn’t ever make up his mind. He was like a woman in a shopping mall looking for her 100th pair of shoes.

But the blank stare, always dumbfounded, clueless head coach is finally gone. The season is over, don’t think Dan Campbell is going to step in and win a bunch of games and lead some miracle turnaround. The offensive line still stinks to high heaven, the secondary is brutal, and there is a laundry list of other problems that no magic wand can fix. We won’t even talk about the cluster fuck deal of Suh making a fortune with no production at all.

Campbell is just here to coach out the season till the end of the year and then he will hit the bricks too and be out of work.

So, that leads the question who will the Dolphins be looking at once the season ends to be the next head coach. Here is the “SHORT LIST” of names you can take to the bank.

1) Urban MeyerRoss loves his Michigan and he can hurt Ohio State by stealing Urban

2) Jim Schwartz–Total opposite of Philbin personality wise; knows how to coach Suh. Rumor has it he has already told the Dolphins to stick it up their ass.

3) Adam Gase–Brilliant young offensive mind

4) Mike Sumlin–Respected young up and coming coach who has turned down NFL interviews in the past and might be ready to make the jump now

5) Kyle Shanahan–Like Gase a brilliant offensive mind

6) Eric Mangini -Ties to Tannenbaum (although Tannenbaum did fire his ass in NY, he is close with Ross)

To me if Urban Meyer wants the job he gets the job. He has won at Florida, won at Ohio State and he has stated he will go to the NFL someday. Someday might be now. If the Phins let him pick his own GM, he has a capable QB in place with Tannehill, and he will probably have a Top 5 draft pick to work with….that’s as good a situation you will ever walk into in the NFL.

The Phins have been spurned before by coaching candidates, those days are over. This team is attractive for many reasons and the Phins will be players for the big name coaching candidates.

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