Week One-A , Fantasy Football Thoughts


That slamming sound resounding throughout the land is the door officially closing on the 2015 NFL preseason.

The ensuing cheer echoing around the world is that of fantasy football owners ushering in the first week of actual NFL action!

Since Week 1 doesn’t officially kick off until this Thursday night, it’s a bit of a misnomer to label this as the official Week 1 edition.

This is the official Week 1A edition of The Toad Zone and I am ecstatic to be bringing it to you folks for the first season.

OK, I guess the first thing I should do is actually admit that this is technically the Week 1A edition of The Toad Zone. That is because this article is a quick-hitting look at things that stand out to Uncle Toad from a given week of NFL action

Still with me? If so, then this is the article for you on a weekly basis.

I will not be deluging folks with a ton of statistics or analytics every Monday evening here. I will simply be pointing out players and or situations that jumped out at me from a fantasy standpoint and why or why not other folks may find these items noteworthy.

To be honest, I can’t say that every reader will find everything I mention to be earth shattering (just ask my wife … who actually has learned to tune out eighty percent of my ramblings) and there will be the occasional individual defensive players (IDP) mentions as well.

What can I say? I am a well-rounded (literally), or, as some folks have pointed out, obsessed fantasy football junkie that embraces all aspects of the game.

I just look at things from a certain angle (some may say slanted) and over the years have discovered that quite a few people find many of the same things interesting from a fantasy football standpoint.

To make a long story short (too late!), I sit down late Sunday night and Monday after work and let the weeks action soak over me. Then I start pounding Diet Dew, and lo and behold by Monday Night we are in The Toad Zone.

This will be by far the shortest edition as Week 4 of the preseason offers very little actual game action for most fantasy-worthy players.

That being said, there were still a few interesting performances that we will cover.

Marcus Mariota managed to look good while tossing only three passes. He hit Harry Douglas for a 59-yard score with one of his two completions.

While it was nice to see the kid toss a touchdown, it’s the yards that Mariota will accumulate with his legs this year that interests me from a fantasy standpoint.

In Buffalo, Karlos Williams is back on the radar at running back after returning from his mystery injury. With LeSean McCoy likely to be a game-time call and on a snap count if he plays, Williams could see a big role. How’s that release of Fred Jackson feel now Buffalo Bills fans?

Let’s look in on the 2015 rookie running back class.

Todd Gurley is officially out for week one and both Jay Ajayi and David Cobb were placed on the injured/designated for return list. Ouch!

I would pontificate on the Dallas Cowboys trading for running back Christine Michael but I jumped off that kid’s bandwagon last year. Move along. Nothing to see here.

I love to see what wide receiver Tyler Lockett has done in the preseason for Seattle. Now if Seattle would only throw the ball enough for owners in redraft leagues to roster him with any confidence.

Did you think I would let the entire preseason go by without a Jarryd Hayne mention? I know as much about rugby as I do about synchronized swimming but this guy is fun to watch. Adding him is just what a San Francisco team that will struggle this season needs.

Let the Matt Simms backwards pass be a lesson to you young quarterbacks out there. Hold on to the ball, fellas! He was released the next day.

Uncle Toad fears that LeGarrette Blount has been looking a bit slow of late. Every time I get excited about having LeGarrette Blount on my fantasy team, I watch him actually run with the ball. He was awful (and awfully slow looking) again this week and maybe needs that one-week suspension to rejuvenate himself.

Since the New England Patriots cut Jonas Gray, I suppose they like Blount a bit more than I do right now.Color me officially concerned regarding Blount.

In other New England running back news, it looks like Dion Lewis has won the pass-catching role in the offense. Go get the kid off the waiver wire pronto!

GO! I’ll wait.

Linebacker Sio Moore has been freed from the doghouse in Oakland and is now in Indianapolis with the Colts. Congratulations to the Colts on obtaining a difference maker on defense.

This is why the Oakland Raiders are … well … the Oakland Raiders.

So long Reggie Wayne. You helped me win a few fantasy football championships.

Just as it appeared the wheels were falling off the Brandon Coleman bandwagon in New Orleans the kid had a good final preseason game. It should have been enough to move him into the top 3 receivers for Drew Brees and that is a nice place to be.

Oooh … Matt Barkley to Arizona.Yawn. Unfortunately, not even the trading of Barkley could save Tim Tebow.Ah well, it was fun while it lasted … actually it really wasn’t. The kid simply can’t make NFL-caliber throws.

Here we go, fantasy football fans! Keep coming back and seeing just what makes a trip to The Toad Zone worthwhile.

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